Join the
Fully Raw Inner Circle
and transform your health with
expert coaching and a supportive community!
Join the
Fully Raw Inner Circle
and transform your health with
expert coaching and a supportive community!
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I am over the moon
I am over the moon with the challenges Kristina creates. They are full of colour, vibrancy and originality. The pictures are amazing and every recipe, fantastic! I love that she creates daily videos and adresses the issues we are all going through throughout the challenge. The inner circle is my new family and it is such a kind, loving and safe place to share our struggles, share our finds, share our every day lives with like-minded people. I am forever grateful for you, Kristina, for sharing this amazing lifestyle that anyone can follow, even be it only to have one raw meal a day. Thank you, thank you, thank you!  
- Zen Lefevre
My journey with Breast Cancer led me to the Raw Food Lifestyle
in 2002, I was fully raw for almost two years then I went to a Vegan/Raw Lifestyle…Fast Forward to when Kristina started her journey on YouTube…I do not believe in coincidence, our paths were meant to cross..I have followed her ever since.. she understands that Being Raw is not a diet, but it is a Lifestyle that encompasses ALL.. including Mind, Body & Spirit…Kristina’s undying love and compassion for this Lifestyle and people is evident in everything she does…and is reflected in the members of the Inner Circle which I am very happy and proud to be a part of…Thank you Kristina for Everything!
- Cindy Bowles
- Cindy Bowle
group without judgment and show love and kindness
I have been more than grateful to be a part of the inner circle with Kristina. No matter what stage you are in your health journey Kristina is so kind, loving and informative. I came to the inner circle...It was life changing. My heart was in low vibration and to have community and this group has helped me discover my better self and to be gentle with myself. It’s an amazing group to talk not just health in food but relationships and boundaries. I believe people will benefit from this lovely group without judgment and show love and kindness.
- Massiel Alexandra Garcia
"I Found My Tribe"
Joining the Fullyraw Inner Circle Group has taken my health freedom journey to the next level. Being able to connect weekly in a safe space and supporting each other as we all evolve into the best versions of ourselves is a "Game Changer." It prepared me for stepping out of my comfort zone...
Cat Norris


No Contracts or Monthly Commitments. Cancel Anytime with Advance Notice.
No Contracts or Monthly Commitments. Cancel Anytime.
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